Woman (20) gets stoned in head and raped

Woman (20) gets stoned in head and raped

A 20-year-old woman was raped after visiting a nightclub in Heilbronn, Germany. The attacker is on the run.

Following a sexual assault on the night of July 24 in Heilbronn, Heilbronn criminal police are looking for witnesses. After visiting the “Creme 21” nightclub on Lichtenbergerstrasse, a 20-year-old responded to an offer from three men between 4 and 5 am to go together to another venue on Hafenstrasse.

On the way from Albertistrasse to Hafenstrasse, one of the men initially made sexual innuendos and offers. When the 20-year-old refused and tried to call for help on her cell phone, the man knocked the cell phone out of her hand. The young woman tried to run away, but was caught by the unidentified man, who threw a stone at her, injuring her head.

After the stranger violated the injured part, he released her and she fled. According to previous information, the other two men were not involved in the crime. The assailant can be described as follows: he is believed to be around 40 years old, but he looked younger.

perpetrator description

190 cm tall – Mediterranean appearance – slim – short, straight, dark hair – full black beard, cropped short – big nose – dark blue jeans – dark t-shirt with unknown light writing on the chest area – silver watch

His two companions were described as follows:

Person 1 – around 30 years old

– about 175 cm tall, overweight – plump face – no beard – bald – dark jeans – dark t-shirt, plus size

person 2

– Southern appearance – 28-30 years – approx. 180 cm tall, slim – brown, short hair – just a light beard – dark blue jeans – dark t-shirt, tucked into pants

contact address

The Heilbronn Criminal Investigation Department is asking witnesses who can provide information about the assailant or his companions, or who may have suspicious perceptions in the area described, to call 07131 104 4444.

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