Without Talent The journalist detonates Juliettes musical career and claims

“Without Talent”; The journalist detonates Juliette’s musical career and claims he already feels sorry for the former BBB


The singer was targeted by journalist Regis Tadeu on her YouTube channel

By Ysac Freitas

01/28/2023 18:10 BRT

01/28/2023 18:10 BRT

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Regis Tadeu  Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram JuliettePhoto 1: Reproduction/Instagram Regis Tadeu Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Juliette

Journalist Regis Tadeu decided to nail singer Juliette by posting a very controversial video on her channel’s YouTube platform. It turns out the communicator was critical of the former BBB’s musical career.

According to the journalist, since she won the BBB 21 edition and is considered a Brazilian phenomenon, Juliette still hasn’t been able to launch her music career as she is not accepted by the public. The criticism is in the content created by Regis titled “What is it for?”.

Regis claims that the former sister entered the artistic world through music in order to carry her name up in the media: “After BBB 21, Juliette entered a swampy and stinky universe of subcelebrity and started believing that she was a singer to try to prolong the fame gained in reality,” he said.

Regis also says he didn’t like it when big names in Brazilian music invited the BBB 21 award winner to sing with them. “No talent at all. I laughed a lot about the situation and even felt sorry for Juliette because she really believed she could be a singer,” he said in one of the clips.