"With the patches on the…".  Ferragni’s latest post unleashes fans.    e’s why

"With the patches on the…". Ferragni’s latest post unleashes fans. e’s why

If criticism also comes from admirers, then that’s a big deal. Especially if you are one of the most followed influencers in the world. And thousands of negative comments came under the last post published by Chiara Ferragni on Instagram where she’s wearing nude jeans.

Chiara Ferragni has been provoking her parents for weeks follower with minimal and decidedly bold clothing. Scraps of fabric that don’t cover his slender body, but reveal it. Micro bikinis displayed as tops, body suits showing fake nipples and breasts to the wind to claim their freedom of expression. Her appearance divides haters and fans, but the latest content published on her Instagram profile, for once, all agreed. And not in a positive way.

THE Jeans With nudity that fools the viewer’s eye, even those who love her didn’t really please her followers and wasted comments: “You’re always beautiful, but these ones are terrible…”, “You beautiful body, but Jeans are awful! This is the first time I don’t like your outfit”, “Be careful not to wear them”, “Nothing against Chiara, but they are unsightly” Other users, on the other hand, could not resist the temptation of irony : “With the patches in the butt”, “They seem very comfortable to me … especially in the summer to stick your butt to leather armchairs” .

The strange pants by Ferragni, sold on the internet for 690 euros, everyone and there agreed criticism it also came from who, how Patrizia Pellegrino, he gets the show. “Vulgarities are appalling in my opinion,” the showgirl commented under the post, completely disliking Fedez’s wife’s outfit. The same criticism was leveled at her on July 5 when Chiara Ferragni showed off a similar look (always from the same brand) during Paris Fashion Week. Back then, fans might have forgiven her for the fashion week’s eccentricity, but the last post didn’t protect her from criticism.

quotWith the patches on thequot Ferragnis latest post unleashes fans