1657007203 With the Lapadulitas and the Peruvian Cavani meet the U 20

With the ‘Lapadulitas’ and the Peruvian ‘Cavani’: meet the U-20 team against Chile

With the Lapadulitas and the Peruvian Cavani meet the U 20

The Peru U20 team will hold its fifth microcycle as a preparatory base for the South American of the category, which will be held in Colombia in January 2023. In this sense, the technical Gustav Roverano called up 26 players for two friendlies against the Chilean side this month.

Shortly after six months in the position of bicolor, The Uruguayan coach called football players requested by the Peruvian fans. With them on campus Roverano will seek his first victory in his trial. So far there have been three draws and three defeats. the Red one will be the rival to beat in two games (July 12 & 14) on Peruvian soil.

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Among the foreign players mentioned is the presence of Guadeloupe (Orlando City), Diego Otoya (San Jose earthquake) and Jeffrey’s hair (Racing Club of Argentina). Regarding the local tournament, Matthew Lazo (Melgar), João Grimaldo (Sporting Crystal) and Sebastian “Cavani” Pineau (Alianza Lima) were shown most frequently.

Called up to the Peru U-20 team

  • Joseph Amasifuen
  • Sebastian Aranda
  • Guadeloupe
  • Joshua Vargas
  • Gilmar Paredes
  • Sai Santibanez
  • Denzelstick
  • Jose Sanchez
  • João Grimaldo
  • Flavio Alcedo
  • Carlos Gomez
  • Stefan Olaja
  • Leonardo Diaz
  • Matthew Lazo
  • Diether Vasquez

Inca Summon. Photo: Twitter @SelectionPeru

  • Caesar Vasquez
  • Lisardo Vasquez
  • Jack Carhuallanqui
  • Juan Goicochea
  • Diego Otoya
  • Sebastian Pinau
  • Kenji Cabrera
  • Jeffrey’s hair
  • Enzo Borletti
  • Valentino Sandoval
  • Joshua Cant.

summoned. Photo: Twitter @SelectionPeru

Results in the Gustavo Roverano era

  • Peru 1-1 Uruguay
  • Peru 0-2 Uruguay
  • Argentina 2-0 Peru
  • Argentina 2-1 Peru
  • Peru 1-1 Deportivo Coopsol (youth team)
  • Peru 0-0 Deportivo Municipal (youth team).