With settlement efforts going nowhere, Deshaun Watson’s verdict is expected on Monday

With settlement efforts going nowhere, Deshaun Watson’s verdict is expected on Monday

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Judge Sue L. Robinson did not receive the memo regarding the value for a Friday dump with bad news.

PFT has confirmed that the former federal judge notified the NFL and the NFL Players Association that a decision in Deshaun Watson’s appeal hearing is coming Monday. The news was first reported by CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson.

Efforts to resolve the situation through negotiations have been in vain, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Although Judge Robinson did not actively support any settlement efforts, some believe she held off issuing a judgment to encourage the two sides to find their own solution. In theory, the fact that she told the parties a decision was coming on Monday (and the fact that she told them it wasn’t coming on Friday) was a de facto last-ditch call to work out a deal that would benefit both Leaving parties a little upset, instead of a formal decision that could leave one of the parties very upset.

However, as one source put it, the chances of an agreement currently appear slim.

PFT previously reported that the Browns are bracing themselves for an eight-game suspension. A source with knowledge of the parties estimated the final ban could end up in the range of two to eight games.

If Judge Robinson issues any disciplinary action at all, the league and union have the right to appeal to the Commissioner. The case only ends when she realizes that Watson shouldn’t receive any punishment at all.

Although Watson was sued by 24 different massage therapists for alleged sexual misconduct during massage sessions, the league produced evidence for only five of the alleged victims. One of the cases was based solely on a media report; It is our understanding that the judge did not consider this particular allegation.

Presumably, Judge Robinson’s decision will be made public. Because it’s a player, not an owner, the league will have less reason to sweep everything under the rug.