With climate change, glaciers reveal corpses and plane carcasses

With climate change, glaciers reveal corpses and plane carcasses

5:59 p.m. Aug 10, 2022

As temperatures rise, glaciers melt, and lakes evaporate, gruesome discoveries surface again.

As rising temperatures melt Switzerland’s glaciers, they reveal dark secrets. Last Wednesday, two French mountaineers found human bones while climbing the Chessjengletscher in the south of the canton of Valais. The bones, found near an old road no longer in use, were evacuated by helicopter later that day. A week earlier, another body had been found on Stockji Glacier. According to the Valais police, the process of identifying the human remains is still ongoing. Since 1925, the police in the Alpine region have drawn up a list of around 300 missing persons.

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And in the first week of August, a mountain guide discovered the wreckage of a Piper Cherokee that had crashed over the Aletsch Glacier in June 1968. The bodies had been found shortly after the crash, but not the wreckage.

USA body lot

Discoveries were also taking place on the other side of the Atlantic, but due to the evaporation of a lake. In the state of Nevada, Lake Mead is sinking a foot every week, bringing with it its share of bodies. Police have discovered four bodies that bear similarities since May. Some of these bones were actually found in metal barrels, partially corroded by rust. A well-known underworld method of the ’60s-’70s, according to the Nevada Police Department and Mafia Museum. And local authorities predict more bodies will turn up.