With a transparent bikini, Preta Gil shows himself without makeup and fans praise: “Lenda”  Contigo!

With a transparent bikini, Preta Gil shows himself without makeup and fans praise: “Lenda” Contigo!

Celebrating her 48th anniversary, Preta Gil poses in a seethrough bikini, showing off her natural beauty and earning praise

This Monday (08) the singer Preta Gil ended his 48year life and appeared stunning in a string of clicks in celebration of the special date, garnering praise from his followers.

Mighty, the heir of Gilbert Gil came with a strapless nude bikini and for the bottom part of the piece she chose completely transparent panties, with the desire to imitate a sheet to cover the most intimate part of the body.

“48 years, 20 years of music career and 32 years of professional life! I started everything early, today I am the grandmother of a 6 year old girl Solar, I have a 27 year old son who is my greatest pride! Today I’m here for you, without makeup as I am, with the brands I have and with a very nice experience,” she began.

“If I could tell 20yearold Preta that she could love herself and accept how I love myself today, I would have avoided so much pain. So today I’m saying to you who follow me, love yourself, accept yourself, try to surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are, it’s not easy, but it’s absolutely possible.” , he continued.

‚ÄúToday I also celebrate my 20year career, which has a unique history of struggles and victories. Thank you to my fans for all the support and love,” the artist concluded, receiving a torrent of praise from anonymous and famous followers alike: “Beautiful and legendary,” said one of the admirers.



Recently the singer Preta Gil showed off her body by posing in a bikini in an unusual celebrity spot.

Traveling in Slovenia (not to be confused with former BBB Slovenian brands), the daughter of Gilbert Gil appeared enjoying a European beach and showing off the curves without retouching and filters wearing a black bikini.