With a stern look, Christian Nodal’s mother showed her new car

With a stern look, Christian Nodal’s mother showed her new car

Christian knots He is a renowned singer who rose to fame at a young age. Before his 18th birthday he released his first single “Bye honey” and his name became known throughout Mexico and the United States. Thus a career took shape that would bring great moments to him and his family.

Christian Nodal poses. Source: Instagram @nodal

Over the years he has become one of the most popular public figures in the medium and currently has more than 9.3 million followers instagram. His popularity did not stop and it is that the singer from the Mexican region has hit the key with every musical proposal that he has offered to his audience.

but Christian knots The 24-year-old not only stands out as a singer, the 24-year-old also has great talent as a singer composer. This facet merges with his vocal cords and has produced hits like “De los besos que te di”, “Amor tóxico”, “Ahora” and “La sinvergüenza”.

Christian Nodal poses. Source: Instagram @nodal

Her heart was conquered by other references in the music world. With the singer and actress belinda He maintained a beautiful relationship that peaked in February last year. But over the months, Christian Nodal has been linked with the Argentine rapper cazzufive years older than him.

Christian Nodal’s mother’s post on Instagram

Far from the bad taste of love, the Mexican artist is also far from the world of virtuality, and this time it was his mother, Christy Knot, who won the battle in the nets. The woman betrayed instagram who managed to buy a luxury truck and was filled with likes.

“And in the end… I could! I can! And I will always be able to… I have many reasons to keep going! Thank God! Thanks to my family who always believed in me! A dream come true,” Cristy posted, along with a video of her in one tailored look.


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