With a ragged bangs Jennifer Lopez fell in love with

With a ragged bangs, Jennifer Lopez fell in love with everyone with her impressive look

Jennifer Lopez She continues to be the most requested Latin American artist across various clothing, lingerie and footwear brands. It is that at 54 she does not stop demonstrating that she knows how to perfectly wear any outfit that challenges her and her pulse does not tremble to make some changes to her hair and look different but always sensual. Now the Coach brand proposed a photo session for the heart attack of more than one and posed in front of the cameras with a new look that everyone liked very much.

In New York, the air of the season soon begins to change and goes hand in hand with it Jennifer Lopez this new Spring 2023 in the USA, who posed for the new advertising campaign of the Coach brand and left everyone speechless by showing her new Lily Collins-style makeover in Emily in Paris.

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Jennifer Lopez dared to cut bangs to sport a spring look.

It’s no secret that the Bronx-born pop singer is one of the most respected figures in the music and fashion industries, to the point that her character has been heralded multiple times as the woman of today by some media and clothing companies. who try to replicate JLo’s style in low-cost brands.

Lopez Always stomping red carpets with looks that will dazzle the flash, she has a trained eye for fashion. Characterized by luxurious and shiny accessories: diamonds and precious metals, the actress usually combines glamor even with more urban objects, always maintaining a fit style adapted to her curves.

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Jennifer Lopez posed for the Coach brand.

This time she modeled for the new Spring 2023 campaign for the Coach NY brand. In the photos she is sitting on a wooden box with some New York banners printed and an ecru oversized sweater with details in the fabric, areas such as the pockets where a fusion of light blue and lavender appears, giving the warm feeling of the change of seasons.

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To complete the outfit, she wore pale pink sandals, a black top, a black leather mini and her hair was left in a ragged fringe. Jennifer Lopez She showed why she is still the undisputed queen of Manhattan at 53 and how she is the protagonist in fashion editorials.