With a distorted look Lucas already gave what he had

With a distorted look, Lucas already gave what he had to give in “The Farm”.

*By the editors of Splash

Lucas Santos, like Bia Miranda and Deolane Bezerra, still has a chance to escape the seventh Ro├ža of “A Fazenda 2022” (RecordTV) at today’s Farmer’s Test. But that’s not what columnist Chico Barney, moderator of Central splashwho hopes that the pawn will be eliminated next.

Lucas has already given what he had to give. It’s very annoying to hear what he says. He has a distorted world view, is a rebellious type and even his participation is dejected.

The former ‘Carousel’ actor took 4th place in the hot seat after losing a lucky dynamic replacing the traditional remaining one that usually defines the final roceiro.

Columnist Lucas Pasin also emphasized that at the current moment in the game, eliminating Deolane’s allies like Lucas is important.

I wanted Deolane to leave soon for obvious reasons, we’ve had enough of everything she has to offer. But she can stay a little longer and we’ll take the others with us, especially Lucas. He has to go as soon as possible.

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