With a chunk up her butt, Kelly Key enlists the help of netizens and steals the scene  Entretê

With a chunk up her butt, Kelly Key enlists the help of netizens and steals the scene Entretê

Kelly key stole the show by asking his social media followers for help. On her Instagram Stories, the fitness muse shared two photos of herself showing off and showing offFlaunting your bum or that of your flat stomach.

“Here I am thinking about what photo to use as the cover for a Reels Bemmmmmm cookie I’m going to post.”she asked in Instagram stories.



After being asked which of the two photos would be better suited to the cover of the post, the singer finally published the video and received praise. In the pictures, the artist appeared to rejuvenate her tan with a minimalist piece that saw her physique cause an uproar among her followers.

Kelly keyKelly Key is asking netizens for help (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

“It’s amazing,” said one follower. “Too much muse, wonderfully beautiful,” drooled another. “This is physical hatred,” said one netizen. “If there’s a defect, it must be in the gut,” joked one young man.

Check out Kelly Key’s post on social media:

skin cancer

Vale recalls that singer Kelly Key discovered skin cancer in 2019. In a recent interview with Quem magazine, the singer commented on the delicate time she was living.

The singer said it all started after noticing a mole next to his nose. The artist said her doctor recommended she have it removed.

“At the end of 2019 I discovered skin cancer and had it removed. That’s when I was in Portugal, the biopsy result confirmed it was basal cell carcinoma and they asked to take more. Along with this a bit more I took out other spots [os médicos] suspicion,” she said.

Kelly Key said her doctor recommended that she have her mole removed, but she never listened to the professional. She said she thought the spot was nothing more than a blackhead.

“I had a mole next to my nose that came and went all the time. Sometimes I managed to squeeze it as if it were a blackhead, sometimes it was just a part that got biggerwith a slightly different coloring than the face, but not too much in my opinion,” she said.

“But my dermatologist always wanted to take them off and I didn’t pay much attention to when [pintinha] it bothered me, suddenly she disappeared and I forgot about her,” she said.

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