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Windows 11, will the new UUP update system change everything? – GinjFo

Windows 11 22H2, also known as Windows 11 2022 Update

Microsoft will try to speed up the servicing process for Windows 11. How? The idea is to reduce the time it takes to install updates, but not only.

Since its inception, Windows 11 has benefited from improvements and new features. One of the next big projects concerns the maintenance and in particular the process to ensure the installation of the various updates.

The software giant wants to offer a new approach with UUP updates. They are the result of seven years of work. UUP is the contraction unified uDate PPlatform (or UUP). As the name suggests, it is a unified update platform. It is said to rely on minor updates that reduce the time it takes to download.

Windows 11 and the UUP, Microsoft promises several advances.

In addition, the UUP platform is designed to allow the parallel installation of different types of updates. Of course, a single reboot is required for all changes and new features to take effect. This change will also help speed up the Windows maintenance process. Note that Microsoft also mentions an automatic repair of its operating system during the update process.

The UUP is scheduled to be passed on March 28th. It will affect Windows 10 20H1 and newer as well as Windows 11. For the latter, however, the latest “version” at the time of writing this article must be used, namely Windows 11 22H2. According to Microsoft’s promises, the size of the downloads should be reduced by a maximum of 30%.