Windows 11 runs on Apple Silicon Macs with VMware

Windows 11 runs on Apple Silicon Macs with VMware

VMware Fusion software has just been updated and can now emulate Windows 11 on Macs as well Intel or Apple silicon chip. It is the publisher who has just announced it in a blog post just published, where we also learn that Linux support has been improved for machines equipped with a proprietary chip. There are currently eight in number: the MacBook Air M1, MacBook Air M2, MacBook Pro M2, 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, and Mac mini M1.

The virtualization of Windows 11 with VMware Fusion in Edition 22H2 is currently possible preview only, which means you’ll theoretically still run into some technical issues. It’s free to download at the moment, which allows the studio behind this little gem to gather as much feedback as possible from testers before considering a final release.

Apps you can’t find on Mac

When you start Windows 11 on your Mac, you can access a whole host of programs that aren’t available on the App Store. Among them are quite a few games Video.

Apple, for its part, is trying to counter Microsoft’s competition with its Apple Arcade on-demand gaming service. For €4.99 per month, it offers unlimited access to more than two hundred titles. With the added bonus of knowing your game is safe thanks to the drastic barriers to entry Cupertino has put in place to prevent the spread of viruses on their devices.

Beware of malware

In addition, the presence of malware on Android and Windows is historically higher than on Mac, since Apple’s operating system often offers users more native protection. However, the proliferation of CloudMensis proves that you also need to be wary of macOS, for example by installing a good antivirus…

A maneuver that obviously also has to be followed on Windows 11. Among the solutions of the genre we find in particular intego, Bitdefender or Avast. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult this comparison of our colleagues from on the subject. - Official App – Official App

By: Keleops AG