[Win Sports GRATIS] Millionaires 1-1 Atlético Bucaramanga: TODAY for the BetPlay League

[Win Sports GRATIS] Millionaires 1-1 Atlético Bucaramanga: TODAY for the BetPlay League

Watch Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga LIVE AND DIRECT HERE TODAY, Wednesday, June 15, for the last home games of BetPlay League 2022. The signing will be played at the Alfonso López Stadium and the broadcast will be in charge of the Win Sports signal. Likewise, you can follow FREE ONLINE coverage of this and other matches today via La República Deportes; Here you will find the minute report and the video compilation of the goals and highlights.

Millionaires vs. Atlético Bucaramanga LIVE STREAMING

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Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga: confirmed lineups

millionaires: Montero, Llinás, Cuenú, Bertel, Perlaza, Vásquez, Camilo García, Silva, Ruiz, Gómez and Valencia.

Confirmed Lineup. Photo: Millionaires

Atlético Bucaramanga: Chaverra, Subero, Mena, Henao, Blanco, Rodríguez, Telíz, Díaz, Caballero, Cárdenas and Moreno.

Confirmed Lineup. Photo: Atlético Bucaramanga

Millionaires vs. Atlético Bucaramanga: match report

GameMillionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga
when do they playToday, Wednesday, 15.6
What’s the time?6:00 p.m. (Peru and Colombia)
Where?Alfonso Lopez Stadium

When can you watch Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga LIVE?

The confrontation between Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga for BetPlay League 2022 home games starts at 18:00 (Peru and Colombia). Check the schedule guide so you can follow it according to your location.

  • Mexico: 6 p.m
  • Peru: 6 p.m
  • Ecuador: 6 p.m
  • Colombia: 6 p.m
  • Bolivia: 7 p.m
  • Venezuela: 7 p.m
  • Paraguay: 7 p.m
  • Argentina: 8 p.m
  • Uruguay: 8 p.m
  • Brazil: 8 p.m
  • Chile: 8 p.m

On which channel can you watch Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga LIVE?

The official broadcast of Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga It will be responsible for Win Sports, an exclusive channel broadcasting Colombian football. Know what signals to anticipate.

Win Sports+ via satellite:

  • DirecTV: Channel 634 (SD) – Channel 1634 (HD)
  • Movistar: Channel 497 (SD) – Channel 896 (HD)
  • ClaroTV: Channel 523 (HD).

Win Sports+ via cable:

  • ClaroTV: Channel 522 (SD) – Channel 1522 (HD)
  • Tigo: Channel 139 (SD) – Channel 239 (HD).

Win Sport+ via IPTV

  • Movistar: Channel 210 (HD)
  • EMCALI: Channel 205 (HD)
  • ETB: Channel 388 (SD) – Channel 389 (HD)
  • Tigo: Channel 24 (SD) – Channel 239 (HD)
  • ClaroTV: Channel 1522 (HD).

Where to Watch Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga LIVE ONLINE FREE?

If you want to see the Colombian league, specifically the clash Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga, FREE ONLINE you can do it through La República Deportes LIVE broadcasting that gives you LIVE minute by minute stats, line-ups, all goals and much more.

Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga: latest matches

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Where are they playing Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga?

the encounter Millionaires vs Atlético Bucaramanga is recorded Alfonso Lopez Stadium. This sports colossus is located in the city of Bucaramanga, was inaugurated on December 12, 1941 and can accommodate 25,000 spectators.