Wilma Goich tragedy is looming Death Betrayal Abandoned Daughter

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Wilma Goich is certainly one of the protagonists of this edition of “Big Brother Vip”, despite a few slips too many that have led to her receiving some criticism from the public. However, his story has moved many.

Participating in “Big Brother Vip” is often a chance to restart one’s career after a not-so-lucky period, and a way to get more exposure in the public eye. And in a way that is also the goal that Wilma Goich promised, who had a successful career, especially in the 60s and 70s, but has only rarely been seen on television lately.

Wilma GoichWilma Goich in “Gf Vip” – Photo | channel 5

The not always gentle character of Wilma Goich

Wilma Goich is certainly not lacking in characterand he’s demonstrating it fully these months that he’s at the Casa del ‘GF VIP“. In fact, the singer is not at all afraid of expressing herself freely towards the younger competitors, whom she does not fail to beat when she feels it is necessary. However, his tones aren’t always the best, which hasn’t always been appreciated by viewers.

In fact, some have underscored some of its almost malevolent attitudes, as done, for example against Marco Bellaviaso he didn’t have a gesture of empathy when he seemed discouraged and isolated from everyone.

Such practice has led some users on social networks to call for its elimination, especially because it is considered unacceptable by a woman dealing with young people who could be her children or grandchildren. Not only that, those like her, with a past as troubled as hers, should be more indulgent, which she rarely has been.

A pain that won’t go away

Participation in the reality show also leads to the emergence of lesser-known parts of the contendersas well as the interpreter of “The Hills are in bloom”. The singer lost her only daughter, Susanna, to cancer in 2020 and since then he has personally taken care of his nephew. This helps her put her pain aside, at least temporarily, and give meaning to her days.

However, the pain Susanna felt as she left is difficult to deny. To make things even more difficult was the way she had to cope with this experience: In the hospital she was actually alone, without the support of her ex Edoardo Vianello.

She herself told it first in the confessional, then live to Alfonso Signorini: “He was very taken with his new family, which is why Edoardo was not present – were his words –. Maybe there was also some jealousy that his new partner had shown. Frida said she would catch Covid, which is why she never came to the clinic. I had to tell him alone that Susanna was gone.”

1672694535 629 Wilma Goich tragedy is looming Death Betrayal Abandoned DaughterWilma Goich and Edoardo Vianello – Photo | Jetty News

Even today, remembering this scene can be difficult: “I called him at three in the morning and he hasn’t moved out of the house. No idea why. She should have told him ‘go’. If he didn’t, it’s her fault too. But most of the blame lies with him. he was her father he had to say, ‘I don’t care, I’m going to my daughter'”.

There was another disappointment that made everything even sadder: “We never said when we looked at each other ‘why did this happen to us?'”.