Wilma De Angelis talks about it for the first time at 90: "I was the lover of a very famous singer"    All messages

Wilma De Angelis talks about it for the first time at 90: "I was the lover of a very famous singer" All messages

Singer and presenter Wilma de Angelis revealed a backstory to her life at 90. Here’s what his revelation and words were.

Wilma De Angelis was a famous singer, especially at the turn of the 50’s and 60’s. She therefore knew the small screen very well and in the 90s she was the protagonist of an important and widely acclaimed cooking show. He made his first steps in jazz. He then found success in pop music, even charting a real hit like Patatina. Wilma De Angelis, born in 1930, studied singing with the masters Di Ceglie and Rusconi.

His debut on the stage par excellence, the Ariston Theater, dates back to 1959, when he brought the songs Nobody and For All Life to the Sanremo Festival, both the result of partnerships with Betty Curtis and Jula de Palma. His third participation, in 1961, was precisely with Gianni Meccia’s Patatina. Although he did not make it to the finals, the audience response was exceptional. At the beginning of the last decade, he presented an Italian cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance entitled Dimmi di Sì during a Paola Perego TV show, which received good reviews. At almost 90, an unprecedented revelation has come to the public. Here are his words.

The Revelation by Wilma de Angelis

As for the private sector, Come to me guest Wilma De Angelis, hosted by Caterina Balivo on Rai 1, revealed some unreleased backgrounds in 2019. In fact, he met Little Tony’s pianist in the 1960s and fell madly in love with him. But it wasn’t until a few months later, thanks to a revelation from Tony, that she found out the man was married. She was secretly with him for almost ten years: she was the mistress all the time. In fact, she was very close friends with his wife.

Everyone was aware of his story and everyone agreed as the two had no intention of marrying, him for obvious reasons, Wilma likewise in the midst of her television career. She discovered the truth shortly thereafter, but the love she had for this man allowed her to go beyond anything else. She only met her great love after a few years and it was Gianni with whom she had a long love affair. Everyone had their own house, although they had lunch together and he often went home and vice versa.

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