William Cloutier announces great news about his family – 7 Days

William Cloutier announces great news about his family – 7 Days

It’s a great wind of change that’s about to take place for the little family of William Cloutier who just announced some big news!

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Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the singer shared a post saying he had some great emotional news to share, leaving it to his partner Sara to break the news.

The latter reveals in a short video that the small family has made a decision that threatens to change their lives: they are moving to Paris.

We know that William has been there since the fall, where he is helping to rewrite the rock opera star madness. Last month, Sara and her two children, Liam and Éloi, came to visit for a few days. The big winner of the 2021 edition of Star Academy had also taken the opportunity to convey the big request to his sweetheart in front of the Eiffel Tower. Now the quartet will be permanently reunited.

In the video shared by William, Sara explains that the move will take place in two weeks. Click the right arrow to scroll through the carousel and watch the video.

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“Even more surprising than seeing Johnny Rockfort with a bichon frize in a dress, I am officially announcing that I will be on Starmania’s European tour which will run from February to June. I also have some great news that moves me, I’ll let Sara and Éloi share it with you guys in the second video,” William wrote.

Still on Instagram, Sara answered a few questions from her followers about the big move via her stories. Among other things, she indicated that for the time being it was planned to settle there until June. William has no concert planned for this summer, they will reassess the situation in the fall. And her home in Quebec is looked after by relatives while she’s away.

We wish them a lot of joy in their new life!

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