William Bonner denies rumors and updates fans on health status

William Bonner denies rumors and updates fans on health status Celebrities | The

William Bonner Video Playback / TV Globo

William BonnerVideo Playback / TV Globo

Published on 02/19/2023 21:11 | Updated on 02/19/2023 21:13

William Bonner underwent surgery last week. This Sunday (19), the journalist informed his fans about his state of health and took the opportunity to deny some rumors.

“No one approached me to verify the truth of the gossip before posting the clickbait. If they had, they would have known that on February 10th I underwent a laparoscopy to repair hernias. It wasn’t yesterday, it was 9 days ago. And everything happened as expected for cases like this. No urgency, no rush. So nothing ‘hurried’,” he began.

“The next day, Saturday February 11th, I was already at home. I took a leave of absence from work because the procedure requires a few days’ rest and my bosses advised me to supplement this with the carnival break. It was good because my navel started reminding me it was there all the time. I feel very good thank you. Cheers to all Wednesdays, I’ll be back in the company with Jornal Nacional,” he concluded.

The publication had many good wishes for the journalist: “May you recover soon!” Pedro Figueiredo wrote. “Uncle Bonner continues without 1 rest day… Good health!” joked one follower. “Good return and health!” wished a follower.

Have a good return and health!