Will we see the end of alcohol on stage, small and big screen?  – Journal

Will we see the end of alcohol on stage, small and big screen? – Journal

The news hit like a bomb this week: Even moderate alcohol consumption is bad for your health. The only safe threshold is zero. The danger begins with the first drink.

Help !

Does this mean the death sentence for Broue, who has played in Quebec since 1979? What happens to Pointu, Verrue, Bob, Travolta? The play takes place at a time when women were forbidden in taverns. Will alcohol be banned in bars now?

Will everyone be talking about it? Guy A. will serve sparkling Sprite to his guests who don’t think they’re in a 7Up apartment?

Will we see the end of alcohol on stage, small and big screen?


There are countless shows where alcohol, the only publicly accepted drug, serves as a “social lubricant” to loosen guests’ tongues.

At Y’a du monde à messe, at Télé-Québec, we love the idea of ​​serving guests (bulk) wine so much that we launched the YAMM cuvée: “A refined wine that too confessions provoked! Have to say you don’t serve your guests lemonade when your show is hosted by Christian “Little Glass of Vino” Bégin.

Every Sunday at Tout le monde en parle, Guy A. Lepage asks Diane Piotte, the stage manager, “What are we drinking this week?” Are we now going to present a disclaimer like the fine print in the car ad says “This video is professionally produced, do not reproduce at home”?

At Ça fin bien la Semaine, every Friday on TVA, we end the show by making a cocktail. To respect the new recommendations, will Julie Bélanger switch to mocktails, virgin mojitos or Shirley Temple?

We’ve removed the cigarette from the beak of Lucky Luke, the comic’s most famous cowboy, to replace it with a blade of grass. Will we do the same in our films? Let’s get rid of the glass of Burgundy held by Rémy Girard, who is dying of cancer, in the last frames of Denys Arcand’s Les Invasions Barbares?

Misery, it was the only joy he had left in life!

Have a glass of beer, my kitty

Don’t get me wrong: I’m the first to advocate moderation. In the past year, I’ve lost 30 pounds by limiting my drinking to a minimum, the occasional drink with friends.

I also appreciate that Éduc’alcool’s new message is more about empowerment than blame.

But I don’t forget that since November 2021 it’s been banned in Quebec to smoke on stage. (Insert a little Gnan Gnan tone here): “It is very indecent to smoke on stage, even fake cigarettes, because you are setting a bad example to the innocent public who do not know the difference between fact and fiction . »

Will the little priests of public health soon interrupt a performance of Broue with the new cast (Martin Drainville, Benoît Brière and Luc Guérin) to replace the beer glasses at the Chez Willy tavern with containers of soy milk?

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