Why Titi Mueller Wears Boots When Presenting Lulas Inauguration SEE

Why Titi Mueller Wears Boots When Presenting Lula’s Inauguration SEE

At 36 years old Aunt Miller was chosen by Janja to present the festival of the future, on this 1st, the inauguration of the Presidentelect lula (PT). The presenter began working in television in 2008, in programs such as Acesso MTV and MTV Sem Vergonha; and in recent years it has excelled in covering music festivals on Multishow. In 2017, he criticized the DJ’s sexist lyrics on Lollapalooza Borgore live. And in 2019, at Rock in Rio, he starred in the meme “The People Who Ask About Anitta” as he pointed the mic at the public’s protest against the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). Next, Titi chats with the column.

How did you get the invitation to present the festival of the future? Janja contacted me at the last PT event on the second round to host the last invitation only rally in São Paulo. I couldn’t take it because of a contract clause with Globo (election season only). When the names of the opening event came out, I was invited again. I’ll be there alongside (humorist) Paulo Vieira.

What does it mean to attend Lula’s inauguration? This event is a milestone in the history of Brazil, in my professional and private life. I’m in and I don’t earn a cent for it, neither I nor Paulo, there’s no fee charged for us. It’s for love, it’s for relief!

The event will have many meanings, won’t it? I think it’s going to be an emblematic event for the beginning of a healing in these last four, six years. Brazil has been through everything since Dilma’s coup. A government that makes a coup, with ministers that make a coup, then the election of Bolsonaro, Lula’s unjust imprisonment… We almost live in a kind of denial because so much barbarism is being said every day. We had to swallow a lot of things trying to make our children, our colleagues, smile in the face of this genocidal and corrupt government that we had.

You have never minded positioning yourself on television. What is the price for this? I’m very thankful for all the colleagues who weren’t intimidated and showed up and, like me, weren’t afraid of losing a follower. I am honored that I, Paulo and I were the two people among many who had this courage. Because it takes courage to expose yourself and speak in such a violent way to a Brazil that is so polarized.

Have you been intimidated because of your political position? In facetoface encounters, the big haters, keyboard bullies, stay small and avoid even looking. They know that if they say something, they will get an answer. I am working on Nonviolent Communication with my son, my friends and my boyfriend but my tolerance for bigotry is zero. The best answer is mockery.

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Do you let your 2 year old son Benjamin watch? Look, I am sure that one day my son will look at me and be very proud of his mother, who presented the Festival of the Future on the first day of our Presidentelect’s government, after four years of a onedeathdrive brutal government , fascist.

Would you single out one artist who conveys this “key turn”? Pablo Vittar, definitely. For the story, for the courage, for all that it represents for so many people. The existence of an artist like Pabllo concerns many people and that is a clear message. They can kick as much as they want because, to paraphrase Pablo Neruda, even if they cut all the flowers, they can’t stop spring.

Have you already decided on the look? I will use Joulik, my heart brand and 100% Brazilian. To start with, I want Brazil: a comfortable, light, shiny dress, the color of choice we had. And I’ll put on a bootie. I haven’t worn heels for years, I have back problems, but other than that, I think heels are a very efficient tool of patriarchy’s torture and I refuse to wear them.

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