Why PSPP reminds me of Parizeau

Why PSPP reminds me of Parizeau

Brilliant, cultured, determined, honest: the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon, reminds me of Jacques Parizeau.

Like Monsieur, this young Oxford graduate has given up enjoying a golden career of contented bootlickers.

He chose the difficult path.

So it is out of conviction, not interest, that St-Pierre-Plamondon is there.

In a National Assembly more than ever invaded by opportunists, his integrity would be more necessary than ever.

Who is this ?

We often forget that Mr St-Pierre-Plamondon came into office at the worst of times: while the pandemic was mesmerizing everyone.

His ship took on water. He had to make an effort to fill in the gaps.

Result: The general public still doesn’t know exactly who he is.

That could change thanks to the debates at the next election. It is often said that television defined John F. Kennedy’s career because he shone there more than his adversary.

This could be the case for the young leader of the Parti Québécois.

By the way: judging by the bevy of high-profile young candidates who will wear their colors, it’s clear that the PQ isn’t dead! That’s why not only MP Pascal Bérubé remains hopeful!

Soft QAC

To hold the CAQ accountable, I don’t see who would replace the PQ.

The CAQ will be back in power, but this coalition is increasingly a hodgepodge of pension-seeking opportunists.

In it, the federalist fringe encourages flat ventrism.

By forgoing the prospect of independence, Legault gave Ottawa carte blanche.

The PLQ is now only the party of those who do not consider themselves Quebecers.

Quebec Solidaire is stagnant and vulnerable to US ideological fads.

Éric Duhaime’s Conservative Party will soon peak, but it will take votes away from the CAQ…perhaps enough to allow the PQ to sneak into certain regions? It is to be wished!

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