Why is the US suddenly shooting down so many UFOs? Super curious

In recent weeks, something has caught the attention of the whole world: the United States has not only covered the issue unidentified flying objects, the famous UFOs. In addition, not only are several strange objects reported in the sky, but the military are also attacking and destroying the unidentified structures.

But what the hell is going on over there? What is that Strange Objects Found in North American Sky? And why is the United States suddenly detecting and shooting down so many UFOs?

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UFOs in the US sky

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Earlier this month, the world followed the trajectory of a strange balloon as it crossed the skies of the United States until the government approved its demolition on February 4. The imposing structure, about 60 meters high, flew at an altitude of 18.2 kilometers and was identified as an alleged Chinese spy balloon.

Since then, other strange objects have been reported and destroyed but unlike the Chinese balloon, these have yet to be identified.

With so many sightings in such a short amount of time, many are wondering what is really going on in the country. Is North America under some sort of attack or invasion? According to the military, the answer is simpler: you just look more closely at the sky.

“We were a closer look at our airspace at those altitudes,” said Melissa Dalton, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Hemispheric Affairs, during a conference on Feb. 12. According to her, the US is now paying more attention to what’s happening in its airspace, with actions like “improvements to our radars who can at least partially explain this Increase in the number of detected objects last week.”

But what would these unknown objects be? According to Jack Weinstein, a professor of international security at Boston University and a retired US Air Force lieutenant general, such UFOs can even only be balloons.

Speaking to Live Science, Weinstein explained that he believes the US military has finally figured out how to find and track similar objects at similar altitudes thanks to the Chinese spy balloon.

As for the origin of these UFOs, White House press secretary Karine JeanPierre revealed in a statement from the United States government ruled out the possibility that they were vehicles Foreignerbut that the provenance of the objects has not yet been identified.

Soldiers have already dropped four objects

On February 4th of this year, the United States government shot down a giant Chinese balloon allegedly used to spy on the North American country. The object was bombed by a fighter jet and crashed off the coast of South Carolina.

Later, between February 9th and 12th, Three other smaller objects have been spotted in the skies of the North American continent, one of which was shot down in Canada and two others in the United States. So far, the authorities do not know the origin of these objects.