Why is the actress of an adults only film that

Why is the actress of an adults only film that was a huge flop getting nominated for an Oscar?

The clock is ticking and one of the most important events in the film industry is getting closer. globally we are talking about those Academy Awards in its 95th editionwhere the best cinema films of 2022 will be awarded.

The valuable awards will be presented on March 12 at the traditional gala at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, where dozens of stage performers compete for one golden figure, one of the participating actresses is the cuban Ana de Armas.

The work for which she is now nominated in the Best Actress category is the lead actress of the R-rated biopic “Blond”, where she breathes life into one of the most famous women in history: Marlyn Monroe.

An adult film that was a flop

Ana de Armas managed to make a splash with her acting skills in the eyes of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hollywood With her take on the iconic blonde, this comes after Armas has worked on big-budget productions like “Blade Runner 2049” or “stabs in the back.”

The performer’s choices in the Lead Actress leaderboard represent the only nomination for the feature film, directed by Andrew Dominik, which was considered a flop on the streaming platform NetflixThis is due to the fact that users assured that it is a tape that is practically impossible to watch due to the planned speed and the intensity of its story, which is told for almost three hours.

Another reason why this film that tells the life of monroe is considered a failed feature film because there were various critics who described it as a crude, violent and frightening portrait of life Marilynin addition to the fact that they assert that this can be perceived as some kind of act revictimized to the image of one of the most exploited women by the entertainment and arts industries because of their bodies.



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