1674395302 Why Gianmarco Petrelli is missing from todays episode of Amici

Why Gianmarco Petrelli is missing from today’s episode of Amici 22

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

In today’s episode of Amici 22, Gianmarco Petrelli is not sitting in the auditorium of the talent show: Amici News reveals the reason: “He’s sick”.

Why Gianmarco Petrelli is missing from todays episode of Amici

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Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

The new episode has started Friends of Maria de Filippi 2022 Broadcast as usual on Canale 5 at 2 p.m.: the students running to the evening started new challenges judged by the afternoon guests. Among the contestants of this afternoon’s talent show Sunday 22 January 2023 but it is missing Gianmarco Petrellithe teacher’s dancer Alexandra Celentano. As Amici News reports, a minor health issue forced the student to quit: “At the end of the recording, a girl asked where Gianmarco was and got the answer literally, ‘HE IS A LITTLE SICK’,” the words reported in a tweet from the page that provides the previews of the episodes.

Samu’s challenge is still frozen

Samu in tonight’s episode, Sunday 23rd January, competed in the challenge against Paky. After Maria de Filippi’s scolding of the Sicilian student, teacher Alessandra Celentano decided to give the new challenger a bench. Guilty of the facts for the dancer New Year’s However, the verdict has not yet come: the student must face a second challenger, whom he will face in a few days.

The guests of the Amici episode today, Sunday, January 22nd

In addition to the judges, the guests of today’s episode are also called upon to assess the challenges faced by the singers and dancers Gerry Scotti: “The winner gets the opportunity to get straight into the evening,” explained the landlady before the start of the race. After Ramon, who snagged the gold jersey in one of the previous episodes, another student gets the pass for the first night of the talent show: Cricca was the first to perform, followed by Isobel and Aaron, and Megan as the fourth. The episode previews recorded over the last few days have already revealed who will get this important opportunity.