1695111995 Why do they call it sneakers when they mean sneakers

Why do they call it “sneakers” when they mean sneakers?

What used to be vulgar sneakers, sneakers, tennis shoes or traditional sports shoes, today the new generations and aggressive marketing have changed their name to transform this type of shoes into something more glamorous. They are now called sneakers and are a cult item for hundreds of young people who wait for days in front of the store door for the fashion brand’s latest model.

And don’t miss it. To buy sneakers, they don’t necessarily have to be comfortable and light. In addition and most importantly, they must be a fashion trend and match any wardrobe. Because sneakers are no longer just used for sports. Its main function is to enhance the appearance and style of its owner, and for this reason, young and not-so-young people are ready for almost anything. Some were even born with this goal (see video that opens this post)

Brands have recognized the change and responded to it by creating their own style called casual, which is not suitable for running but is suitable for showing off. The most sought-after models have gold prices and finding them at the local sporting goods store is becoming a pipe dream. The black market is a great business for those who dedicate themselves to it. You buy several pairs of a coveted model and can then resell them at astronomical prices on websites dedicated exclusively to the subject.

The advertising of these items, which once only extolled their sporting benefits, has become top notch by giving more importance to more everyday aspects and putting them in the same league as fashion and its accessories.

Nike, one of the greats, has been a pioneer in this regard and has therefore, on many occasions, disregarded sporting values ​​to give more meaning to the more mundane aspects of its product launches. In this case he presents the new “Nike Air Max 97 Gold Bullet”, which looks like a cult object more than just a sneaker.


So much so that brands whose majority of their business consists of luxury goods are getting jealous and launching their own collections. An example of this is the French brand Dior, a brand related to the most extreme luxury that has teamed up with Nike to create a model, all with the help of Travis Scott, a well-known American rapper. Since these are limited models, the price can be several thousand euros. And no, don’t think you’re alone…


Previously the Italian company Prada collaborated with adidas Therefore, it is absolutely essential to spend hundreds of euros to buy these sneakers that are so trendy. If you still feel like it, you can also take a look at the culprit Gucci.

In any case, Adidas alone is more than enough to create collections that are more aesthetic than what they were actually designed for. This is the case with the new ZX 2K Boost, which, according to its developers, is said to have a hypnotic effect. Judge for yourself.

And behind the big brands that monopolize an important part of the market, there are many others competing to gain a foothold in this scenario. This does not mean that these are small companies, quite the opposite. These are brands that make money obscenely and that, despite not being at the top of their market, survive beautifully and have plenty of capital to promote themselves. It is the case pumaa spin-off of its older brother Adidas, with its model RS-2K.

Another example of this trend of promoting non-sports shoes is the popular ones New balance NB574. To achieve this, they just think about showing us everyday aspects of a person’s life and making us realize that your life will undoubtedly be better just by wearing this model of shoes. By the way, can you guess in which image of the advertisement the sneakers that are the subject of this commercial can be seen with any certainty?

The Japanese brand is also escaping this fashion of sophisticated shoes that were previously only used for training. asics, (curiously the initials of Anima Sana In Corpore Sano). Well, I’m lying. Dancing is a sport and a really demanding one. It seems that your feet are lighter with these shoes and you just have to put them on and you can fly.

But above all the Toledo brand Joma She was ahead of her time and put this strategy into practice in distant China. Perhaps over time the advertising has not helped the Chinese to remember the models of this brand, but what is certain is that they will always remember what the sneakers that came from Spain were called.

After all, the mythical ones couldn’t be missing Chat who were the pioneers in the 1980s. Until Jordan’s release in 1985, these shoes were unrivaled on a basketball court. Afterwards, you could wear Chuck Taylors in any place and in any situation that went with anything and could be worn by anyone. Not just NBA players. By the way, Nike took over this brand in 2003.

And without knowing it and believing until not so long ago that Victoria sneakers are the most fashionable thing we can wear …

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