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“Why do I love Quebec? – Radio Canada.ca

This place is both the creative hub and business of Pierre-Yves Lord.

“We feel like there’s a television ecosystem in Montreal, but I produce a lot from here [Québec]. »

— A quote from Pierre-Yves Lord

This is where I grew up, I call it the bunker because all the food used to be here, but I turned it into a studio. So I come here to have fun, he says with a laugh, describing this room in the basement that is strewn with several objects.

Pierre-Yves Lord lists the long list of what he does when he is in this studio: he prepares his shows, looks for ideas, gets inspiration, plays music, also produces tracks.

There are a lot of books here that don’t seem related, but are just around the corner if I want to explore an idea, he said, pointing to the books.

Pierre-Yves Lord in conversation with Bruno Savard.

Pierre-Yves Lord in conversation with Bruno Savard.

Photo: Radio Canada

It’s like when I was young. You go into the playroom, you open a trash can. And today it’s a truck, today it’s a hammer, today it’s a doll, but with other kinds of toys he compares.

Quebec, the center of creation

At some point in his career, the question arose, can you move to Montreal?

There was something of an attraction in the late ’90s: you get the impression you’re being called by the big club, he imagines. It was like a step forward while I don’t see it that way anymore.

Pierre-Yves Lord admits there was this idea that if you do your job well in Quebec you might be more mature and ready to play in the big league.

In hindsight, the presenter doesn’t believe that Montreal radio was better or that Montreal journalists were better.

Pierre-Yves Lord in his studio in the Quebec City area.

Pierre-Yves Lord chose to remain in Quebec.

Photo: Radio Canada / Bruno Giguère

He notes that mentalities have changed and that Quebec has realized that it is capable of hosting events of international caliber.

It is non-negotiable for Pierre-Yves Lord: he will never leave Quebec for Montreal. He emphasizes the closeness he has to the population.

Ideas galore

When asked what you do for a living, Pierre-Yves Lord doesn’t answer as an animator or producer. He’d rather wear a different hat. I’m having fun, he replies quickly.

“I have fun and don’t limit myself. I don’t wait to be told what boxes I’m in. »

— A quote from Pierre-Yves Lord

He believes the pandemic has allowed him to refocus on his creativity.

He has countless new projects, including a scientific documentary series. The public should see it again on National Day.

I am closing the season of the program Deux hommes en or. I plan on returning 100 Genies next fall. I do DJ sets. I’m a father and I swim every lunchtime, he says with a laugh.

Based on an interview with Bruno Savard