Why didnt Shakira record a song with Karol G This

Why didn’t Shakira record a song with Karol G? This is the real reason Marca México

Shakira it does not come out of one when it is already wrapped in another. The Colombian singer of hits like “Barefoot”, “January Day” and “Anthology” he did not record a song with his compatriot, Karol G (aka La Bichota)But what is behind it? in the CLEAR BRAND let’s find out

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What song did Karol G want to record with Shakira?

Carol G I had planned to record the song ‘G Spot’ Next Shakira.

Did Shakira refuse to record the song with Bichota?

Not as such. Karol G contacted Shakira’s labelI sent them the song but they didn’t get a positive response.

That’s the real reason the Shakira-Karol G duet didn’t happen

The real reason It’s not that Shakira didn’t want that, but the ‘Waka-Waka’ singer’s team didn’t give Karol G a positive answer. We don’t know (even the interpreter of Pistons) whether Shakira was the one who outright refused to sing with her.

What did Karol G say when he couldn’t share mics with Piqué’s ex?

“What was the worst thing that could have happened to me? That she said no, and that happened. I’m not saying it was her, I never said it was. I think I still have a lot of things to do on a level like them, Shakira and Jennifer LopezIn other words, we’re talking about artists who shaped generations, who did things around the world, world things, official movie songs, lots of things,” he explained for a YouTube channel.