1674404239 Why did Cuevita fitness coach last less than a month

Why did ‘Cuevita’ fitness coach last less than a month at Pirata FC?

Why did Cuevita fitness coach last less than a month

Christian Cueva and Jose Neyra. In December 2022 the Professional football club Pirata FC by José Leonardo Ortiz, in Chiclayo, as head of the technical unit for minors Jose Neyrarenowned coach and fitness trainer from ‘Cuevita’.

The national team hired Neyra’s services for the special physical conditioning in the closing stages of the final qualifying rounds as well as for the play-off game played in Qatar against Australia.

From these works, his great performance went viral on social networks and helped him get hired by Pirata FC. “Today Professor José Neyra joins the ship’s crew as head of the technical department for minors (UTM) and physical trainer of the main team,” was the publication of the team contesting League 2.

The announcement became official on December 26, 2022. Photo: Pirata FC/Facebook

But to the surprise of many, less than a month later, Friday January 20thwho is also a youth coach, announced his retirement from the team. The reason would be strictly personal.

In a video published on the club’s networks, Neyra said the following: “I want to tell you that today, Friday January 20, I did my last training session with Pirata. I step aside for personal matters, sometimes in life you have to make decisions. I want to publicly thank the leaders who have trusted me.”

Finally, he supported the management work to place himself Chiclayo at the forefront of national football and admitted that during his short stay he was “surprised by the amount of talent that is in the city”.