Why can you eat steak bloody and not hamburgers

Why can you eat steak bloody and not hamburgers?

Rare meat: right? The answer – for those who eat it – does not depend on taste. Rather, a distinction must be made between bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli: pathogens that can even cause severe intestinal diseases, some of which are completely eliminated by cooking, some of which are not.
Knowing by now that white meat such as chicken must always be fully cooked and handled with great care for this reason, it is easy to fall into the wrong category when it comes to beef. The difference particularly affects steaks and hamburgers.
In the first case go ahead: Steaks can also be eaten raw without any risk. Bacteria – if they are present – are only on the surface and are therefore completely eliminated even by briefly cooking in the pan or on the grill. Things are very different with hamburgers: Since they are made from minced meat and are therefore made up of many different pieces, they could also contain salmonella and Escherichia coli. Risk that is multiplied when they are made with meat from different animals. Precisely for this reason, it is better to fully cook them following a precise preparation procedure. Some rules to know well, also because, due to their practicality, hamburgers are one of the main dishes that we eat most often and that we give to children, who are the most sensitive to the effects of these bacteria. To find out how, read on

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