Who Was the Actress Who Died Before Soap Opera Aired

Who Was the Actress Who Died Before Soap Opera Aired, Leaving Cast in Tears

Globo actress remembers Nicette Bruno and breaks down in tears

the death of the actress Nicette Bruno in December 2020, caused a great deal of excitement among the artists who had the opportunity to work with her. And when the soap opera A Vida da Gente was due to air a 6pm repeat on Globo, the cast left it desolate.

The storyline was inhabited by Nicette Iná, who was the grandmother of the character Manuella played by Marjorie Estiano. During a press conference with part of the cast of Globo’s storyline, the actress spoke of the possibility of being able to play with the great veteran and did not hold back her tears, as did the cast, who were also moved by departure.

Actress Nicette Bruno (Photo: Reproduction)Actress Nicette Bruno (Photo: Reproduction)

“It was very exciting with Nicette. Backstage and scene, actresses and characters… It was a very sincere exchange, very nice. If I talk about Nicette I will cry but I will carry on. Nicette was… She’s a very interesting woman. She’s quite a spectacle. I’ve had the privilege of watching this show for a year,” Marjorie said.

The actress also highlighted the great Globo performer’s sensitivity: “She’s very impressive. It’s a completely different generation. Nicette is a person who does not belong to any generation, she crosses generations. She had a very clear and very sensitive connection to everything, to every subject. The world is changing a lot and sometimes if you were born in a certain period you find it difficult to adapt. And Nicette looked like she already knew everything. It was all very easy.”

The soap opera “A Vida da Gente” premiered in 2011 and returned to the features section because at the beginning of 2021 we were still living in the pandemic and Globo was therefore not yet able to get a plot on the air.Nicette Bruno was commemorated at a press conference (Photo: reproduction)

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Nicette Bruno was commemorated at a press conference (Photo: reproduction)

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