Who killed Bruno in Elas por Elas Adriana reveals atrocities

Who killed Bruno in Elas por Elas? Adriana reveals atrocities before crimes TV

The death of Bruno (Luan Argollo) will not only awaken Natália’s (Mariana Santos) desire for revenge, but also the curiosity of everyone around her in Elas por Elas. Isis (Rayssa Bratillieri), for example, will ask Adriana (Thalita Carauta) to describe everything she remembers about the fateful day. The vet will review the dark moments and remember an argument between the boy and Natália herself. In the 1982 version, it was the sister herself who accidentally caused the young man’s death.

The character, played by Joana Fomm in the original version, caught her brother Zé Roberto (Fábio Villa Verde) renamed Bruno kissing Marlene (Mila Moreira) now known as Carol (Karine Teles) and freaked out. The two argued, with the drunken young man losing his balance during the argument and falling off the cliff. The trauma was so intense that Natália erased her memories. Only after treatment with a psychoanalyst does she remember everything.

Adriana’s report in the new version of the series will support this ending and also provide further details about the dubious character of Natália’s brother. Everything she remembers she will tell her daughter in scenes scheduled to air this Thursday (28):

“It was an accident, there was a cliff. And Bruno was very mistreated, who knows what he did. All I know is that the body woke up the next day and was on the floor,” he will describe.

Taken aback, Isis simply asked whether the young man was very close to his sister. “That was it. There was something like where one went, the other went. But I don’t know what was going on because I think there was something where Bruno was a little mad at Natália, you know? The two had a “kind of strange relationship. “Do you know what they say about twins?” she continues.

Then some memories will come to Adriana’s mind. On the same day she found out that Jonas (Dani Flomin, in the young version), her fiancé, had impregnated Helena (Fernanda Lasevitch, also in the young version). Fragile, she began drinking incessantly. At this point, Bruno started harassing her. The boy took advantage of her vulnerability to try to forcibly kiss her.

The young Adriana, played by Mari Oliveira, gathered all her strength to drive him out: “No, I don’t want to kiss, go away! I was abandoned, Jonas got Helena pregnant… What do you want?” he asked her in flashbacks. Bruno then decided to humiliate his friend: “Of course he would like to be with a woman like you? Look at your condition, you look like a beggar,” he insulted.

Young Renée (Shi Menegat) tries to defend his friend, and Bruno also says words full of prejudice against the boy. Back in the present, the memories will shake Adriana, who will try to change the subject and even leave Isis’ side. “Wow, how terrible, how terrible. That was the most terrible day of my life. Wow, what a terrible memory!” he will conclude by saying that it is time to sleep.

Elas por Elas replaced Amor Perfeito (2023) in Globo’s current sixpiece band. Written by Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão, the soap opera is a reinterpretation of the 1982 plot created by Cassiano Gabus Mendes (19271993).

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