Who is the mysterious woman that Bad Bunny reappeared with

Who is the mysterious woman that Bad Bunny reappeared with?

The controversy does not end for Bad Bunny after staying away from the public eye for several days and monopolizing the spotlight again this time after the scandal in which he was involved due to the attitude he took towards some of his fans for the fault of one mysterious blonde.

This weekend, Benito reappeared in an NBA game and, in addition to his idiosyncratic looks, the woman who was accompanying him, and with whom he had never been seen before, caught everyone’s attention.

@bad.bunny..tea Bad Bunny was out with the girl he put on stage in #phoenix. Maybe she was telling the truth the whole time?! 😱 What do you think? #badbunnypr #badbunnyconcert #badbunnyfans #badbunny #benito #badbunnybaby #parati #fyp ♬ Teach me to Dance – Bad Bunny

However, speculation about a possible new romance was not long in coming, but above all, attempts to find out the identity of the happy young woman grew. It didn’t take long for the “Ojitos lindos” hitmaker’s fans to reveal that the companion is actually a fan of reggaeton.

According to information shared on various social networks, the girl’s name is Laina Bell, a 22-year-old model originally from Phoenix, Arizona, who is also finding success on social networks.

How did Laina and Benito meet?

It seems that the couple was love at first dance, and it’s true that Laina has fallen for the so-called “Bad Rabbit” before. The young woman attended the concert he offered in her city, she was even invited to the stage to demonstrate her best steps.

Although it is not known what happened after that moment, everything indicates that Bell managed to impress the artist and the two would have been in touch through social networks, where she follows him.

So far none of them have confirmed or denied that there is a romance. What happened is that some have already wondered if it’s true that Bad Bunny has many girlfriends, because they still don’t forget that just a few months ago, the singer had been related to Gabriela Berlingeri