Who is Shakiras handsome bodyguard Free press

Who is Shakira’s handsome bodyguard? Free press

The tall, young man with a beard and mustache, who is protective of Shakira and featured in one publication, caused a lot of conversation among followers who posted her comments on Instagram.

The post, in which Shakira thanks her for accompanying her all night at her concert, has garnered more than a million “likes.”

And it generated nice comments about the bodyguard, like this:

“The Bodyguard”

“I only see the concentration of his bodyguard…”

“Nice!! And the beautiful bodyguard!”

‘I think Shakira’s safety is better than Pique’

“Can you lend me your guarura”

Here’s the handsome bodyguard:

There have also been comments on Twitter about Shakira’s unidentified handsome bodyguard.