Who is Ratinhos mysterious wife and why she is so

Who is Ratinho’s mysterious wife and why she is so discreetly plotting

Mouse shared a romantic photo with his wife

little mouse He has been married to Solange Martinez since 1981. Besides his mistress, he had three children, heirs Ratinho Júnior, Gabriel Massa and Rafael Massa. For more than 40 years together, the two have only appeared together on social media.

Solange likes to stay away from the prying eyes of the public and the reason seems to be that she enjoys her private life. Whenever her husband gets in trouble, she never speaks a word and this even fascinates the public as it is customary for famous wives to defend their husbands.

However, Solange Martinez prefers not to stay in her husband’s affairs, but of course she supports him in everything, and Ratinho herself likes to emphasize the importance of his beloved in his life. For so many years together, he always uses special occasions to show his love to his wife.

The presenter has already proven to be very familiar and always appears alongside his heirs and his wife. He has also stated that he loves being a grandfather. Show your grandkids whenever you can. Ratinho is a reference for many followers due to his love for family members.

Mouse and Solange Martinez (Photo: Reproduction)Mouse and Solange Martinez (Photo: Reproduction)


Recently, the host broke the rules on Silvio Santos’ channel and spoke of none other than Faustão, who is currently being hired by the band. At that time, the communicator discussed with Lucimara Parisi, one of the directors of the attraction, and sent a message in the tin to João Guilherme’s father.

Ratinho appeared in a competition report (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Maus stops in the Globo report, does not run from the cameras and performs live in the greatest rival

Unforgiving, Ratinho asks Lula shamelessly, “Are you going to forbid people to see dirty things?”

Lula, mouse

“Get put @ with me,” Lula says live on Saturday with Ratinho on SBT, making a revelation about the host

He detonated his colleague’s gaze in the frame Vem Quem Quer. “Faustão, take it away,” he begged her, asking her to resign. For those who don’t know, Lucimara Parisi was already part of the extinct Domingão do Faustão, on Globo: “I’ll give you money. Free me, I freed you after years.”

It’s worth mentioning that Lucimara Parisi left Domingão in 2009, after 20 years with Fausto Silva on Carioca’s Sunday channel. In 2010, the board of directors began working with the anchor of SBT and has been working in the TV channel for 12 years.

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