Who is Paquita la del Barrio, the Mexican artist who supported Shakira?

Who is Paquita la del Barrio, the Mexican artist who supported Shakira?

Paquita la del Barrio’s message to Shakira 1:35

(CNN Spanish) — Mexican artist Paquita la del Barrio has sparked conversation this week by doing what she does best: showing her support for women.

After the premiere of ‘Bzrp Music Session #53’ – by Shakira and Argentinian producer Bizarrap – there were all sorts of reactions and opinions on the song, in which the Colombian artist criticizes her ex-partner Gerard Piqué in June last year after 12 years of relationship Cut.

One of those reactions was that of Paquita la del Barrio, who sent a message of support to Shakira via her Instagram account.

“I’m with you because I’m a woman. If anyone in life knows about these things (love disappointments), it’s your girlfriend (Paquita). You want it, mija,” said the Mexican, and then continued their support by singing some verses that seemed to be aimed at Piqué: “You made fun of me, you laughed at me // You treated me worse than your underpants // But I’m tired of bearing it // And today you’ll love my humble songs”.

Letters like this are the hallmark of Paquita la del Barrio, who is currently pursuing her career at the age of 75.

Who is Paquita la del Barrio?

Personal information

  • Birth name: Francisca Viveros Barradas
  • Stage name: Paquita la del Barrio
  • Date of Birth: April 2, 1947
  • Place of birth: Alto Lucero, in Veracruz, state of eastern Mexico
  • Music genre: mainly ranchera

10 facts about his career

  • According to her bio on her Spotify profile, Paquita la del Barrio became a celebrity when she moved to Mexico City from Veracruz in 1970.
  • His first albums didn’t have a massive expansion; However, she was recognized as one of the most interesting local artists, her biography says.
  • One of his trademarks is interpreting and composing songs with strong lyrics that criticize the failings of men in relationships. Although the Mexican artist criticizes more than men, she sings this way to support women, as she pointed out in the video for Shakira.
  • “Her live performances, based primarily on feminist songs with aggressive lyrics about macho attitudes, captivated fans across the country,” her bio reads.
  • In one of her latest videos, uploaded to her official YouTube account, she is described as follows: “Female icon Paquita la del Barrio is a Mexican singer-songwriter and actress. She is a Grammy nominated singer in the Ranchera Music and Other Mexican Genres category. Her songs are known for taking a stand against sexist male culture, which has made her particularly popular with female audiences.”
  • Regarding her facet as an actress, IMDb mentions that the Mexican singer has acted in films such as Modelo Antiguo or Ciudadano Buelna and has also appeared in soap operas such as María Mercedes.
  • As for the Grammys, the official site for the awards highlights that she has been nominated three times for the albums Puro Dolor (2007), Eres Un Farsante (2010) and Romeo Y Su Nieta (2013).
  • Her most-listened-to song on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music is “Rata de dos patas,” in which Paquita la del Barrio launches subtle insults through animal comparisons.
  • With his dozens of record productions, he has won over audiences in Mexico, the United States, Central and South America.
  • To this day, the Mexican artist is still effective: on these dates she is on tour and will soon (January 27th and 28th) perform in California, USA; Likewise, the places where Paquita la del Barrio is heard the most, according to Spotify, are Mexico City and Santiago de Chile.