1664691825 Who is Martin Anselmi the DT that crossed Peru and

Who is Martín Anselmi, the DT that crossed Peru and is today the champion of the South American Cup?

Who is Martin Anselmi the DT that crossed Peru and

The South American Cup final between Independiente del Valle and Sao Paulo left several postcards. In addition to the renewed confirmation of the Ecuadorian team as one of the best clubs on the continent, the focus was also on the young coach Martin Anselmi.

At 37, the Argentine strategist was part of the two international titles owned by the “Matagigantes”. He won the first Conmebol Sudamericana as assistant to Miguel Ángel Ramírez (2019), while winning this second award as first-team commander.

Martín Anselmi is one of the youngest coaches on the continent. Photo: Twitter/Conmebol Sudamericana

Unlike some of his peers, Anselmi has little experience and background in the world of communications: he is a sports journalist. As revealed in an interview with Diario AS, although he finished his studies, he did not pursue it because he was interested in technical management.

His beginnings on the bench came in 2018 when he took charge of the reserve at the Catholic University of Quito. A year later he joined Peruvian football to take charge of Real Garcilaso (Cusco FC) reserves; However, it only lasted five months and went to Ecuador to become part of the squad commanded by Ramírez.

Martín Anselmi during his brief spell at Real Garcilaso. Photo: Instagram

After his farewell to the northern cast, he tried his luck in Chilean football and returned to the black and blue institution in 2022 to devote himself to the South American Cup with a 2-0 win over the powerful Sao Paulo at the Mario Alberto Kempes in Argentina .

Which teams has Martín Anselmi managed?

  • Wanderer (Argentina) – Juniors
  • CAI (Argentina) – youth
  • Catholic University (Ecuador) – reserve
  • Real Garcilaso (Peru) – reserve
  • Union La Calera (Chile)
  • Independent of the valley (Ecuador).