Who is Giorgia Cardinaletti, the journalist who will moderate the 8pm edition of Tg1 instead of…      ?

Who is Giorgia Cardinaletti, the journalist who will moderate the 8pm edition of Tg1 instead of… ?

Now it’s official: from Monday, June 20th Giorgia Cardinaletti will debut in performing the evening edition Tg1. The chaos broke out a few days ago with the cancellation Francesco Giorgino, Emma D’Aquino and Laura Chimenti The confrontation with the 6.30am press review and Director Monica Maggioni’s decision to “downgrade” it from the 20pm edition to the 1.30pm edition sparked controversy, lawsuits and a domino effect behind the counter of the Rai flagship News. The three vacancies for the flagship edition had to be filled and the choice was conspicuous Elisa Anzaldo, Alessio Zucchini namely on the Cardinaletti.

For them it will be absolute debut behind the desk of the 8 p.m. newshave seen that until now he had only conducted the issues of Rg1 60 seconds, the night and finally the evening. But who is Giorgia Cardinaletti? Born in Marche in 1987, after graduating from the Perugia Radio and Television Journalism School, she has been a professional journalist since 2012 and is enrolled in the Lazio Order of Journalists: among her first positions was that of Correspondent and then presenter in the editorial office of Rai News 24. However, the general public got to know her better from 2016 when she joined Rai Sport, initially as an iFormula 1 shipping then as the host of Pole Position. The next step was the transition to one of Rai’s historical programs, La Domenica Sportiva, which he co-hosted with Alessandro Antinelli.

In 2019 he then turned the page enter the editorial office of Rg1 and the following year, 2020, she was called to host Dentro il Festival, the Sanremo Festival press conference broadcast on RaiPlay. And from Sanremo began his latest television experience, Via delle Stories, broadcast since last January on Rai1 late on Monday evenings: the in-depth program “born to understand what is happening in society, in common life”. , he was the heir of Seven Stories, the program always broadcast in this band and directed by Maggioni (who appreciates her very much) until her appointment at the helm of Tg1. for years it’s a face on the riseher name returns cyclically on the eve of the presentations of the summer and autumn programs as a possible presenter of UnoMattina: as so often, fantasy TV never materializes.

Very reserved and allergic to gossip, has been associated with her for years Francesco Caldarola, Main author of the political talk Rai3, Agorà. In 2021 he made the “No Vax” angry Creating a report for Tg1 in which he traces the typical day of an unvaccinated person, from breakfast in the bar to work, from the gym to the restaurant. The result? Insults and insults of all kinds against him. And there were even those who threatened to strike guns.