1653236698 916 Who is Gareth Wittstock brother of Charlene of Monaco

Who is Gareth Wittstock, brother of Charlene of Monaco

Charlene of Monaco, her face gives her away.  Alberto's embarrassment

Charlene of Monaco, her face gives her away. Alberto’s embarrassment

In Munich he is the man of the hour. Gareth Wittstock is the younger brother of Charlene and was referred to as the only man who could save her. Perhaps of herself and of the life in the palace that has always been close to her. However, when he saw him attending the principality’s official events, he seemed far from ready to leave the Rocca, and instead gave the impression of being particularly comfortable in the shoes of a member of the royal family.

Who is Gareth Wittstock?

Born and raised in South Africa like his sister Charlene, Gareth Wittstock moved to the Principality when she married Prince Albert. Outside of Monaco he is practically a stranger, while within the walls of the Rocca he is a prominent figure. Certainly not like the other royals’ brothers, such as Pippa Middletonwho lead normal lives and are far removed from the court’s obligations. After all, he always seemed perfectly comfortable. In the absence of the princess, who was stranded in South Africa due to a severe ENT infection, he and his wife took part in all public events Rosin Galvin and next to Alberto, Carolina, Stephanie and all the grandchildren.

For some it is even unimaginable that it will appear in official photos of the royal family and that it is present on the balcony where the royals are on the day of the principality’s national day, which she attended in Charlene’s absence. The princess, far from home, tried to solve her health problems in South Africa, from where she returned in the autumn and then moved to Switzerland to recover.

Gareth Wittstock, love of Roisin and charitable activities

Gareth Wittstock also found love in Munich. There he met her and fell in love with her Rosin Galvinthe woman who made him the baby’s father Kai Rose. The passion exploded immediately, so much so that they then decided to get married in 2015 in the presence of the Grimaldi family. In order to be closer to the Principality’s traditions, he also decided to convert to Catholicism and act as godfather to Gabriella.

He is also involved in thatcharity activities visited by her sister, la Foundation Princess Charlene of Monaco, to whom the princess takes great care. Gareth is (also) a computer engineer. The two are very close, as he himself has been able to explain in the past, and that is why he is the man who has always stayed close to him, even in the darkest of times.

Charlene’s future in Monaco

His return to the public came months after landing at the Rocca, but did nothing to lighten the shadow of sadness that veiled his eyes. There’s talk of divorce, a multi-million dollar deal to stay by Alberto’s side, and – even – a plan to leave the principality with his brother, the only one who can save her.

Alberto, on the other hand, has always denied any rumors of his alleged divorce from his wife, posting sporadic updates on his health. Officially at his side again, in the Easter photos, Charlene seemed increasingly distant from him and from this life, which she never really accepted.

Charlene of Monaco Gareth Wittstock

Charlene of Monaco and Gareth Wittstock