Who is Frederik Oldenburg, the man who stole Carmen Villalobos’ heart?

Who is Frederik Oldenburg, the man who stole Carmen Villalobos’ heart?

Moderator Frederik Oldenburg confirmed his sentimental relationship with actress Carmen Villalobos.  Photo: Instagram @fredefutbolModerator Frederik Oldenburg confirmed his sentimental relationship with actress Carmen Villalobos. Photo: Instagram @fredefutbol

2022 was marked by media emotional ruptures between Colombian show business: for example the actors Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo They decided to end their relationship, which in her case had lasted more than 13 years. However, now that everyone has continued on their way, it was recently confirmed that the actress has a new boyfriend to talk about Frederick Oldenburg.

Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg have confirmed their advertising via social networks.  @carmenvillaloboss/Instagram and @fredefutbol/Instagram

Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg confirmed their romance: “We are friends”

After months of announcing her split with Sebastián Caicedo, the actress had left some clues on her social networks and the presenter confirmed this in a live broadcast

In fact, it was his own Venezuelan presenter the one who published the news of his sentimental relationship with the Barranquillera: “Carmen and I are friends,” he said on January 17 in an interview for the Telemundo program “Hoy día”. In return, he emphasized that they were “briefly” together.

But who is Frederik Oldenburg? what are you working on? Where did he develop his career? Well, the Venezuelan has made a career as a television presenter, but he’s also a social communicator and sports journalist. However, we must not forget that before working as a journalist in Uruguay, the Venezuelan played soccer, one of the sports he loves the most.

Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg confirmed their relationship through their social networks and became one of the couples of the moment (@cvillaloboss/Instagram)

Carmen Villalobos has already met her new in-laws

The actress appeared on her social networks after her romance with Frederik Oldenburg was confirmed

He commented on this facet of his life for People en Español in 2020: “In Uruguay I played football in the second division. Later I graduated as a social communicator, then I lived in Dublin (Ireland) for a year and a month. I returned to the United States to continue my career as a journalist, beginning in Las Vegas.”

However, he took his first steps in sports journalism at Telemundo and later also worked for NBC Sports. One of his most popular projects is as Host of ‘Exatlón USA’ (Exatlón Estados Unidos), a reality show focused on athletic competitions.

In a video posted to her social networks in mid-2022, the actress said: “You know that I consider you part of my family and that family is not only in good times but also in unexpected times. So I’m here in front of you all… to confirm that some time ago Sebastián and I made the decision to separate after talking about it and thinking a lot after more than 13 years of relationship that we understood it is time to go another way… ”.

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Villalobos then emphasized the importance of her current ex-partner’s happiness for her, at the same time assuring that she would no longer speak about the subject, which has fulfilled her to this day. However, aside from confirming their split, the presenter also preferred to share the reasons why her relationship with the actor reached a final breaking point. It goes without saying that the actors dated for a decade before deciding to wed in 2019.

As for her new courtship with Frederik Oldenburg, the woman from Barranquilla remained hermetic. Although they have exchanged romantic comments on social media, they have yet to be seen publicly as a couple. And although they are at the beginning of their romance, the Venezuelan seems to be very much in love with the Colombian and during the aforementioned Today interview, he stressed how lucky he feels to be with the actress, who is in the middle of a message the he wanted to broadcast live, told him: “I love you.”

The year 2023 has just begun and for now, Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg are one of the new couples most talked about on social networks and the media.

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