Who is Andrea Maestrelli footballers age father mother and biography

Who is Andrea Maestrelli: footballer’s age, father, mother and biography

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Who is Andrea Maestrelli? Andrea Maestrelli was born in Rome on February 23, 1998 and is a soccer player.

Who is Andrea Maestrelli?

Andrea Maestrelli is 24 years old. The player is the nephew of Tommaso Maestrelli, a former Lazio manager who died 45 years ago, and son of Maurizio, one of Tommaso’s twins. His mother’s grandfather is another former Lazio coach, Giuseppe Materazzi. As a result, his uncle is world champion Marco Materazzi.


There is no information about his private life. It is not known if he is engaged, married or has children.


Andrea Maestrelli is currently free after his last experience with Potenza in the 2021-22 season. In the past he has played with Lucchese, Arezzo, Monopoli, Bisceglie, Ternana under 19, Arzachena and Perugia under 19.

Andrea Maestrelli father, due to death

Born May 19, 1963 in Bari, died November 28, 2011 in Rome, Maurizio Maestrelli was the son of Tommaso Maestrelli, coach of the first Biancoceleste championship.

Maurizio Maestrelli died at the age of 48 from liver cancer, diagnosed two years earlier.

Andrea confided in the Big Brother VIP house and shared the deep pain of the death of his father Maurizio Maestrelli. He was only 13 at the time but wanted to be treated like everyone else and felt the weight of the situation for his 8 year old younger brother as it took him many years to process his father’s death. A wound that still exists because this gap cannot be filled during growth. He also suffers because his brother has no memories of his father, whom he defines as an angel, but even within him the memories fade away and he barely remembers his voice.