Who is Adamari Lopez shooting at?

Who is Adamari Lopez shooting at?

She didn’t join Argentinian producer Bizarrap for a strip, but the Puerto Rican host Adamari Lopez He went to his social networks to start a massive puyita.

Through her Instagram account, the Puerto Rican hostess released a video in which she sends a small message to people who judge her life.

“I want you to be so, so happy this week that you don’t have time to judge my life,” the host of Telemundo’s show Hoy Día said in the clip.

His message drew criticism from his followers. Some called the mess unnecessary, while others say she posts whatever she wants on her profile.

And the question is; Who is this message for? It is not known, but what is known is that the Puerto Rican was upset by a comment made yesterday by her former partner and father of her daughter Toni Costa about the reasons that led to their breakup.

Last July, in the middle of a conversation with Ivonne Montero, Natalia Alcocer and Laura Bozzo, the Spaniard revealed that it all started after the birth of his daughter Alaïa.

While he didn’t apportion blame, he said the estrangement with the Puerto Rican began when they let Alaïa sleep in the room with them as a baby, and not only that, they also let the little girl sleep in the bed with them.