White zone scuffle between journalists from Ukraine and Russia Heinous

White zone, scuffle between journalists from Ukraine and Russia: “Heinous violence”, “Lies and lies”

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Confrontation between journalists from Ukraine and Russia during the May 22 edition of Zona Bianca, Rete4’s Sunday talk show, hosted by Giuseppe Brindisi. Ukrainian journalist Vladislav Maistrouk and Russian journalist Yulia Vityazeva are present on the Mediaset network and discuss war crimes committed by the Russian army. “There are more than 50 countries investigating the Bucha events and war crimes. The lady says that there was no need to send weapons to Ukraine, which many Italian commentators later said, but without weapons to defend themselves and not let the army into Kyiv, the pictures would have been much more and these cruel things would have happened in Kyiv. There are videos, testimonies of the victims. There are worse things than the shootings, three little girls were raped in Izjum, you know? Sexual violence against women and children is abhorrent,” says Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s fellow citizen, with Brindisi trying to keep calm between the two.

Russia wants the Donbass back, the offensive of bestial cruelty: up to 100 soldiers a day

The response from the host of a talk show broadcast on Russia-1, Moscow’s national television, is ready: “These are lies, this is nonsense, outright lies. Where’s the evidence? It’s rumors, it’s not the truth, it’s not true. This person is lying, there is not a single piece of evidence, not even half that children were raped. You lie as always, you always do it, you don’t have half proof of what was done in Bucha, what was done is not the responsibility of Russia. I live in Ukraine, I know you very well and I know very well what you are capable of, a Russian soldier – Vityazeva concludes – would never harm a child or a woman.