Wheres the love Yelp Only 5 black owned restaurants made your

Where’s the love, Yelp? Only 5 black-owned restaurants made your top 100 list this year?

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The folks at Yelp just released their 10th annual list of the 100 Best Restaurants of 2023. Dedicated to connecting people with local businesses, the site analyzed millions of user reviews and community suggestions to compile a list of their favorite restaurants (besides Grandma’s Kitchen, of course). And the result was restaurants that represented 30 states across the country.

Broken Mouth, a popular Korean home cooking spot in Los Angeles, took the top spot. And of the 100 restaurants on the list, these five black-owned restaurants made it:

#9 – Selam Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine – serves traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes in Orlando, Florida

#16 – Crumbville – a bakery in Houston, Texas

#17 – Ekiben – a popular Asian fusion restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland

#24 – Zenaida’s Cafe – a home cooking spot in Las Vegas, Nevada

#28 – Baobab Fare – an East African restaurant in Detroit, Michigan

Now we know that people’s opinions on their favorite foods can be as varied as their politics and their favorite soccer teams. So we expected to see everything from cozy, family-owned neighborhood eats to chic downtown hotspots on the list. But here at The Root, we couldn’t help but wonder how in the name of all saints did only five black-owned restaurants make this list? I’m sure anyone who’s ever waited in line at Batter and Berries in Chicago, Slutty Vegan in Atlanta or New York, or Fixins Soul Kitchen in California will agree that black people know how to get into the kitchen.

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So let’s help these Yelpers. Even if you don’t use the site, you can share it and help connect users with great black-owned restaurants across the country. If you have a favorite restaurant that didn’t make Yelp’s list (and chances are you do), write it in the comments below.