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When to book the cheapest summer flights

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This is the third summer of the COVID-19 pandemic and people are ready to travel. So many holiday plans have been canceled in the last two years only to be postponed and canceled again. More than ever, more people are ready to pretend the pandemic is over and book flights. So if you want to fly somewhere this summer, here are the cheapest summer flights.

Choose August

According to reports from Expedia and CheapAir, August is the cheapest month to travel this summer, with average ticket prices almost 10% lower than July and 5% lower than June. Not only do you get more bang for your buck on airfare, you also miss out on the crowds of June and July.

And if August isn’t possible, at least try to fly on the most expensive day of 2022: July 1 (the Friday before the July 4th bank holiday). According to Expedia’s report, the average ticket prices for that day are 25% higher than the average for the summer months.

timing is everything

Unless you are very lucky, you will end up paying more to book last minute flights. But when exactly is the best time to book them? CheapAir’s report found that the cheapest summer fares are available an average of 42 days before travel.

Relatively speaking, this is a bit short-term compared to spring and autumn, when flights are cheapest when booked 76 and 77 days in advance, respectively. To get the best winter rates, you must book 110 in advance of your trip.

Be flexible

Flexibility is always a plus when it comes to getting the best airfare, and that’s especially true during the summer months. If possible, try to avoid flying on a Friday – the most expensive day of the week to fly. Opt for a Tuesday instead if you can, which Expedia says is the cheapest day of the week to fly this summer.