1667432134 Wheat Russia is part of the agreement to ensure safety

Wheat, Russia is part of the agreement to ensure safety of exports to the Black Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that Russia will again participate in the wheat deal. He brings it back the Russian agency Ria Novosti. Moscow received written guarantees from Ukraine about the inadmissibility of using the grain corridor for military action against Moscowsaid the Russian General Staff. “We managed to receive written guarantees from Ukraine that it will not use the humanitarian corridor and Ukrainian ports involved in the export of agricultural goods to conduct military activities against Russia, these “written guarantees” were sent to the Joint Coordination Center on November 1, 2022 “, says the Moscow Ministry of Defense He added that “Russia considers that the guarantees received at this stage are sufficient and resumes the implementation of the agreement”. After the announcement of the price of wheat on the international markets 6% lost.

Ukraine, the report to the US government:

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Last Saturday Moscow denounced a alleged drone attack Ukrainians against Russian ships anchored in Sevastopol. allegations that have been rejected by Kyiv. The deal was announced by the Turkish President Recep Erdogan who played the role of mediator between Russia and Ukraine. The agreement on passage of grain-carrying ships to the Black Sea was signed last July. Around 7 million tons of grain passed through the corridor in September. Ukrainian and Russian wheat supplies countries all over the worldstarting with Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and Tunisia.

The United Nations thanked Turkey for the mediation offered by Ankara with the aim of reintegrating Russia into the agreement on exporting grain from Ukrainian ports. “I welcome the return of the Russian Federation to facilitate the implementation of the Black Sea Wheat Initiative Export of food and fertilizers from Ukraine. I am grateful for the Turkish help. I look forward to further cooperation with all those involved in the initiative,” wrote the UN coordinator of the agreement on grain exports from Ukrainian ports on Twitter. Amir Abdullah.

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