WhatsApp Youll love this feature La Nouvelle Tribune

WhatsApp: You’ll love this feature – La Nouvelle Tribune

The messaging application WhatsApp significantly improves its functionality. An innovation he recently made allows a user to interact with themselves. The announcement made a few weeks ago is a reality. So you can share a shopping list, a reminder with yourself or facilitate the transfer of photos and videos. This feature has the advantage that the devices are synchronized. It is therefore possible to find a message or photo on another device linked to the WhatsApp account. To access this feature, simply select , open a new chat and select your own name/phone number from the list.

Easier to “block”…

A discussion with oneself is possible at this moment. Chatting with yourself is pinned to the top of the list. This is an innovation that’s part of a series of changes the company has announced. Blocking a user will now be much easier, according to a recent announcement made by WaBetaInfo, a site specializing in information about Whatsapp. Soon, long-pressing on a conversation is enough to simply block the person who’s annoying. There will also be another option to block someone again. A “block” button is added to the other options to allow blocking right after receiving a notification.