WhatsApp on Android will soon be able to send photos in original quality – Phonandroid

WhatsApp on Android will soon be able to send photos in original quality – Phonandroid

WhatsApp changes at high speed and in small touches. The WABetaInfo site tells us that meta-messaging will allow lovers of beautiful pictures to send their photos in original quality.

Whatsapp Photo credits: alexruhl/123rf

The website WABetaInfo announces that Whatsapp is testing a new feature of the Android application that will make this possibleSend original quality photos. In version in beta for Android, Messaging already has an HD photos option that allows you to choose a default upload quality for sent photos. Three options are therefore possible: “Automatic”, “Best quality” and “Data saver”. Despite this addition The Best Quality setting always applies compression to the filehowever brighter than in the other modes, which may irritate some image purists.

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WhatsApp Beta Android update will change the situation. If the tests are conclusive, users will finally be able to send their photos without being altered in any way. Once in the application and after choosing the photo to send, you simply have to do it Tap on the new gear icon which appear at the top of the screen alongside the other image editing options.

WhatsApp allows users to choose the quality of the images sent on a case-by-case basis

A menu will appear where you can select the quality of the image to be sent. Note that The adjustment is made on a case-by-case basis. It is therefore not yet possible to define a standard mailing quality.

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Whatsapp is considering a whole host of new features for its Android app. We recently heard about the ability to easily export chat history from one Android device to another, or about proxy support that allows users to keep access to the application even if their connection is blocked or is interrupted. Rather anecdotally, but very usefully, Messaging allows you to cancel deleting a message.