Whats your name Cocca the new hilarious video by Vittoria

“What’s your name? Cocca”, the new (hilarious) video by Vittoria Ferragni conquers everyone

Vittoria Lucia Ferragni reconfirms herself as the queen of social media. The youngest of the Ferragnez family, just over a year old, is a real star and with her tenderness and extreme sympathy, she conquered all hearts, ousting her parents Chiara from the throne of the king and queen of the social networks Ferragni and Fedez. Often the protagonist of videos and shots by her influencer parents, who have placed her at the center of the social story of her life since birth, Vittoria is loved by the couple’s fans but also by those who don’t follow They eagerly follow the events of digital entrepreneurs.

Between baby food, games, gaffes and some little naughtiness with her brother Leone, Vittoria has won the sympathy of the entire audience and does nothing but conquer everyone with her blue eyes, full cheeks and that ironic and hilarious manner. His latest gimmick? After defining herself as “Cocca”. In fact, in an Instagram story posted by Papa Fedez, little Ferragni replied: “What’s your name? little Vitto’s hilarious curtain.

Charming, alert and now on everyone’s lips, she seems to be the future heir to the Ferragnez empire, also because she is already a social diva at the age of two, let alone later.