What’s on TV today?  Wednesday 10 August 2022

What’s on TV today? Wednesday 10 August 2022

15.00 / AXN White

“The Last Hit”

Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

Robbery. United States, 2001 (104 minutes). Directed by David Mamet. Cast: Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Sam Rockwell, Rebecca Pidgeon.

David Mamet draws a thriller built on a network of spirals and deceptions that is as ingenious as it is hectic. Mamet, demonstrating his traditional skills as a screenwriter, follows the adventures of a group of professional robbers who, amid masks and double-dealing, seek to face their latest job. The plot unfolds between strands of intrigue befitting classic film noir, and paints a sharp portrait of peripheral characters anchored in the work of a memorable cast.

15.20 / TCM

“The Invincible Legion”

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She wore a yellow ribbon. USA, 1949 (98 minutes). Director: John Ford. Cast: John Wayne, Victor McLaglen, Joanne Dru.

The Invincible Legion is the first western directed by John Ford in color and the second film in what is known as the Cavalry trilogy, to be completed by Fort Apache and Río Grande. Ford chronicles an explosive, itinerant tale of stunning graphic beauty in which John Wayne, a veteran cavalry captain nearing retirement, must face a war with the Indians that he cannot avoid. Flicking between the epic and the intimate, The Invincible Legion presents its characters uprooted but always whole under a halo of irresistible fatality. One of the master’s most bitter, radical and innovative works.

17.50 / TNT


1660107376 953 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

United States, 2008 (88 minutes). Director: Peterberg. Cast: Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman.

Behind this honest entertainment product is the character of the producer Michael Mann. Will Smith slips into the skin of an alcoholic and antisocial superhero. The thing slows down midway through the footage, but it accumulates effectively shot sequences and Smith’s interpretive confidence is always stimulating.

19.40 / WE ARE


1660107377 248 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

Spain, 1995 (125 minutes). Directed by Julio Medem. Cast: Carmelo Gomez, Emma Suarez, Silke.

After his memorable debut with Vacas and his confirmation with the dazzling The Red Squirrel, Julio Medem offered a new sensory journey in his third film. Tierra is a fascinating immersion into a split character, caught by conflicting passions and forced to choose between life and death, or perhaps madness and sanity. All of this is actually a reflection of a throbbing cosmos, as evidenced by the gigantic zoom that travels from the stars to the red soil of some vineyards.

20.20 / Hollywood

“Batman Begins”

1660107378 670 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

United States, 2005 (134 minutes). Director: Christopher Nolan. Cast: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson.

Batman Begins is the first of the films that make up the trilogy dedicated to Batman by Christopher Nolan. A vibrant and exciting story that stretches back to the origins of the hero and prides itself on being an example of well-understood commercial cinema. Everything would improve even further in the next installment, the magnificent The Dark Knight.

21.55 / Telecinco

Idol Kids semifinals

Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022.webp

The Idol Kids semifinals consist of four galas with props, costumes, makeup and choreography to bring out the best in the performers. In this phase, the responsibility for voting lies with the audience on the set, who, with their support, configure a new rating for each broadcast, in which only the top three make it into the final. The jury, which will also go on stage singing, will receive a new Golden Ticket to save a fourth candidate from being eliminated, which they must unanimously agree to.

22.00 / COSMO

“The Big Lebowski”

1660107379 585 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

The big Lebowski. USA, 1997 (110 minutes). Directed by Joel Coen. Cast: Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, John Turturro.

After filming the monumental Fargo, the Coen brothers said goodbye to the nineties with another masterpiece. The Big Lebowski is a hybrid of genres that fuse drama, comedy, film noir and gangster parody in a riotous satire of American society. All this thanks to El Nota, a dude as lazy as he is funny who lives between marijuana fumes and endless bowling games. When some thugs mistake him for a rich millionaire, the riot begins. A staging that moves between colorism, cartoon and playing with the classic modes completes the function.

22.00 / The 2

Some Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

1660107380 733 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

Tonight, Documaster is airing two productions that explore some of the mysteries of Marilyn’s life. Her final secret is trying to figure out who the star’s father was, the man the actress tried to find her whole life and who was given a name through a painstaking investigation. Later, Open Cases of History: Death of an Icon, Marilyn, explores the strange circumstances of the actress’ death that continue to accumulate dark areas to this day.

10:30 p.m. / Paramount Network

‘Catch a Thief’

1660107381 573 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

Catch a thief. USA, 1955 (105 minutes). Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Cast: Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Auber, Charles Vanel.

Between the rear window and But… Who killed Harry? Master Hitchcock filmed the amusing adventures of El Gato, a business thief hiding under the guise of Cary Grant who must find out who dares to impersonate him. Like many of the filmmaker’s other works, it was rendered insignificant by critical blindness. Many contemporary directors would love to come close to the ingenuity of his staging and his ability to transform a plot anecdote into a story that can be read many times over.

22.30 / DMAX

New Mysteries in The Alaskan Triangle

Scenery – Alien actor controlling manScenery – Alien actor controlling man

The Alaskan Triangle sky has been making strange noises lately. This documentary series delves into the mystery, as well as accounts of near-spooky encounters on Alaskan highways, that have convinced researchers of the bizarre that the site’s infrastructure represents phenomena that cannot escape rational explanation.

22.45 / antenna 3

More intrigues with the detectives from ‘The Mallorca Files’

1660107382 766 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

The popular British fiction, which brings together a London detective, a German agent and the police chief of Palma, continues with two new chapters. The first tells how the famous icon of Saint Nicholas is stolen by a masked attacker in front of a shocked crowd. The second focuses on the disappearance of a model that disappeared during a train ride.

22.45 / Four

Double part of the ‘FBI Most Wanted’ series

1660107383 550 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

After his daughter’s disappearance was ignored by local police, a Native American decides to investigate the incident on his own. When his search culminates in murder, the FBI’s Fugitive Unit focuses on tracking him down. This is the plot of today’s first episode of the FBI Most Wanted series. The second tells how a couple starts a horrific murder spree in different states across the country, for which Jess LeCroix and her team work against the clock to find a pattern behind the crimes.

24.00 / Movistar Classic


1660107384 870 Whats on TV today Wednesday 10 August 2022

USA, 1976 (95 minutes). Directed by Brian de Palma. Starring Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, William Katt

From his first films, Brian de Palma showed his playful and grandiose cinema concept, which would lead him to highlights like Serpent Eyes and Femme fatale, but also to catastrophes like Dressed to Kill and In the Name of Cain. This adaptation of Stephen King’s first novel tells the gruesome story of a young woman with telekinetic powers who is ruled by a fanatical and possessive mother.

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