Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

What’s on TV today? Tuesday, January 3, 2023

12.30 / Movistar Classic

“Twelve Merciless Men”

Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

12 angry men. USA, 1957 (96 minutes). Director: Sydney Lumet. Cast: Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Ed Begley, Jack Warden, Martin Balsam.

A jury must acquit a defendant or sentence him to death, and must do so unanimously. This is how a film begins, which even at the age of sixty still offers cinema lessons and which also delivers a virulent criticism of lack of solidarity, prejudices and the death penalty. With his camera, Sidney Lumet creates a continuous suffocation between tense gestures and intimate fear, capturing ambiguous characters and therefore bringing them closer.

15.15 / TCM


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Giant. USA, 1956 (190 minutes). Directed by George Stevens. Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean.

As a symbol of a cinema that has now disappeared, Gigante represents the art that lived in the Hollywood studios like few films. Back then, the big blockbusters knew how to hide edges and turbulence, like in this gigantic melodrama in which the author of the legendary Deep Roots portrays two generations of families: a group of characters who, with fatalism in the background, make shake the screen, drowned in ambition , heartbreak and frustration.

15.45 / Be crazy

‘The Goonies’

1672722162 786 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

USA, 1985 (105 minutes). Directed by Richard Donner. Cast: Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Jeff Cohen.

An icon of 1980s youth cinema, Spielberg as producer and Richard Donner behind the camera propose a film that retains its freshness and accumulates frantic adventures alongside a group of children chasing a hidden treasure. Many blockbusters would love to match their sass and effectiveness.

20.55 / 1

Copa del Rey: Cacereño-Real Madrid

1672722164 199 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

The Copa del Rey returns to TVE, which begins in 2023 with the Round of 32 match between CP Cacereño and Real Madrid at the Príncipe Felipe de Cáceres Stadium. Cacereño comes into play after eliminating Girona in the previous stage and is sixth in his competition. For their part, the madridistas join the team with Álvaro Rodríguez, the 18-year-old Castilla centre-forward.

21.30 / Movistar cinema Ñ

“Secrets of the Heart”

1672722165 378 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

Spain-France, 1997 (104 minutes). Director: Montxo Armendariz. Starring Andoni Erburu, Carmelo Gómez, Silvia Munt, Charo López, Victoria Peña.

In an age of films that promote excess and artificiality, we must thank Montxo Armendáriz for his commitment to depicting, with expressive simplicity, the abysses of man, the loss of innocence and the inevitability of the passage of time. Set in a town in rural Spain, his story features a child growing up contemplating the adult world; Adults who hide secrets and misfortunes. After all, it turns out that in the cinema it is really difficult to make films as simple as Secretos del Corazón.

22.30 / #0

“Catch Me If You Can”

1672722167 155 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

Catch Me If You Cant. USA, 2002. Director: Steven Spielberg. Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks.

After two notable films like Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report, Spielberg took refuge in comedy. Later came fiascos like The War of the Worlds and The Terminal Upgrading Catch Me If You Can, a work that cleverly combines thriller and comedy to follow the adventures of a dedicated Tom Hanks who pursues the world’s most wanted thief , hiding behind different personalities: doctor, lawyer and pilot.

22.30 / DMAX

A legendary escape from Alcatraz

1672722169 45 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

The Alcatraz Report. Lost evidence commemorates June 12, 1962, the day brothers John and Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris escaped from Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay. They were never found. Sixty years later, the account follows the Anglin brothers’ family and finds an unexpected clue that could change the story of one of history’s most famous escapes.

22.50 / 1st

Serrat’s last concert

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The Vice of Singing is the concert with which the legendary Joan Manuel Serrat said goodbye to the audience in Madrid. The singer-songwriter offers an extensive tour of the songs that have shaped his career and the lives of several generations of music and poetry fans. This performance is part of a 70-concert tour that marks Serrat’s final farewell to his audience.

22.55 / WE ARE

‘Pending subject’

1672722173 115 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

Spain, 1977 (104 minutes). Directed by Jose Luis García. Actors: José Sacristán, Fiorella Faltoyano.

From today’s perspective, Pending Subject has a lot to do with the situation. Garci achieved immense commercial success with a film that attempted to find lost time and was entrenched in the emotions of an entire generation. Perhaps Asignatura pending now only works for viewers of this period, even if Garci gives himself to an open grave as a director and shows conscientious affection for his characters.

0.05 / Movistar promotion

‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

1672722174 864 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 3 2023

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. USA, 1974 (83 minutes). Directed by Tobe Hopper. Cast: Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain.

In 1974, a rookie director in his 30s revolutionized horror cinema with a film that still remains uncategorized to this day. A film that announces a ridiculous budget, inflated by a staging that moves in a nightmarish world, on a journey that shows terror but suggests much more. The shocked viewer’s imagination does the rest, creating more horrors, accompanying a group of young people who encounter horror in its purest form on a peaceful excursion.

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